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Network Alert System

CovertCall is a Network Alert System that offers Mass Notifications technology for small companies, colleges, universities, schools and other academic institutions a powerful alert solution for Campus wide alerts.

CovertCall in Action

With the CovertCall in place your office or school has a unified emergency alert system with a centralized distribution console capable of targeting employees, faculty, alumni, staff, students and visitors simultaneously, informing them of the necessary steps to take in the event of an emergency.


Whether it was responding to a fire-drill or reacting to a bomb scare, many universities, schools, and small offices have been gravely disappointed at the response times and reactions of employees, their staff, and students during an emergency. The good news is that the effective placement of one, time-sensitive notification, can dramatically improve the rapid response by Staff, faculty, and student populations alike – if you can reach them.

Because your staff can't miss it

An Alert is a highly visual message with a real sense of ‘now’. It is effective for pushing communications that are urgent, or have high importance. Bypassing email systems completely, its interruptive nature means message cut-through is fast and reliable. By being a completely separate channel to email, an Alert avoids Outlook user ‘rules’ which often result in communications being ignored.

Hot Key for Instant Panic Alert Activation

CovertCall has a built in hot key that only requires three key clicks to send out a "PANIC ALERT". The hot key works regardless of whether or not the CovertCall main screen is open. As CovertCall is always running in the background the hot key is always ready to go. To prevent any accidental activation it requires a three key click activation, "ALT, Shift, P" to send out the Panic Alert.


Works on Existing Building Network

CovertCall can work for two computers or 255 computers and operates over your existing network.

Alert Message Management

CovertCall comes with default alert messages  that can be changed or added to prior to alert being sent.  Custom predefined default alert messages can be done at an extra cost.

Default alert messages can also changed by user but will need to be done on each install of CovertCall.

System and Security Updates

CovertCall is designed that when updates are available only one instance of CovertCall needs to be updated.  As other instances of CovertCall start up they will automatically update to the latest version.

Custom Voice Announcements / Alert tone Management

CovertCall is setup with custom voice announcem,ents that speak what the default alert messages are set for.  The non-critical alerts come with default alert tones.  Custom default alert announcements can created and added as part of your system installation for an extra cost.

Default alert announcements and alert tones can also changed by user but will need to be done on each install of CovertCall.


Relay Control Board

CovertCall can be setup to interface to other systems via DRY CONTACT OUTPUT RELAYS. Each critical alert has an associated dry contact output. Medical and Panic share a common dry contact output.

EXAMPLE: In a "Lockdown" situation you could use the dry contact output to signal the buildings access control system to lock down all doors.

Relay Board


Listen Only Mode

CovertCall can be set to 'Listen Only Mode' for locations where there is a computer that needs to receive the Alerts but is not allowed to initiate them such as a Visitor Lobby, Waiting room, etc...

Urgent and Emergency Display

Urgent and Emergency Display All Alerts are Displayed Full screen directly on your PC Monitor.

Alert Tones

Each Type of alert will sound it own unique alert tone. Alert tones can be changed at anytime.

Default Alert Messages

Each alert prior to being sent out will have a precanned alert message. Default alert message can be used, modified or added to prior to deploying the alert.

Real-time History Reporting

Real-time reporting provides critical metrics such as logging on each computer the emergency alerts sent and received - so you know which staff have sent the message. A print out of the alert message transactions can be done for record purposes.

Easy Access

CovertCall is always running in the background. The CovertCall icon will appear in the system tray in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Click on the icon to open CovertCall dashboard.