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Fast Alert Notifications

Quick access to user dashboard for alert message deployment.


Covert means secret or hidden. Covert is the opposite of overt, which means obvious, or in full view. Covert things are hidden, private, or stealthy.


 "cry out; call for, summon, invoke; ask for, demand, order; give a name to, apply by way of designation,"


Stays in the background hidden away until needed, once invoked it calls out to all others to alert them of danger.


A Better Way to Automate Emergency Alert Notification Easy to deploy, Install on the PC workstations you want to be part of your alert notification and that is it.  The number of CovertCall instances is controlled via your license.  If CovertCall is installed on 10 PC's and your license only supports 8, then the firts 8 to start up will be able to run the CovertCall program.

History Tracking

History Tracking for all Alerts sent and received on each PC. CovertCall records on each PC each time a alert is received or sent out.  The history trail will indicated sent or received, who sent it , what type of alert, and the alert message sent.  Each history

Auto Start

Auto starts everytime your PC starts up CoverCall is installed as part of your PC start up routine. This means that CoverCall will autostart each time the PC is restarted. CoverCall mruns in the background and is constantly listening for other alert notifications to display. The CoverCall Icon is displayed in the system tray to indocate that it is running and also by clicking on the CovertCall icon yo can access the dashboard to initiate new alerts.


Scalable Alert Notification CovertCall only needs to be installed on two PC workstations to work. After that as your needs grow additional client licenses can be purchased to add up to 253 additional PC workstations.


Connected End to End CovertCall does not require a network server to operate. Utilizes existing network infrastructure. Automatically links to other instances of CovertCall installed on other PC's. There is a window that can be accessed from the dashboard that shows all PC online with CovertCall.


CovertCall can be setup to interface to other systems via a relay contact. Covertcall can be setup to provide a relay contact output per emergency alert. This is accomplished with an 8 ouput IP based relay board.

Simplify Your Alert Notification

No server(s), no monthly costs, no annual costs. Scale the size based on your needs for $10.00 per license seat. Or as little as $8.00 per license seat for multiple seat licenses. Add on additional seats as your needs grow.